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WhatToExpect.com’s Heidi Murkoff discusses what is occurring throughout week 1 of maternity, even though your child has yet to be conceived!

Find out more regarding just how pregnancy starts as your body prepares for ovulation and prepares for fertilizing during these initial pair weeks.

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Heidi Murkoff: Welcome to your remarkable, incredible, as well as incredible journey with maternity, which, believe it or otherwise, officially starts today despite the fact that you’re still concerning two weeks out from in fact conceiving. Say what?

Wondering why it’s called week one although it’s T-minus 2 weeks prior to perception? Since your body is already busy prepping for your future maternity, it’s. Today, all hand’s are on deck getting ready for ovulation, the initial step in the direction of making an infant.

Before you ovulate, your uterus has to drop its endometrium, the cellular lining that was built up from last month’s menstrual cycle. Your last one for at least nine months.

It might appear quite unusual that your maternity is dated from the very first day of your period, but it really isn’t that odd at all. Your medical professional establishes a starting line of your 40-week pregnancy on your LMP or the very first day of the last period you had prior to you conceived. You get a maternity head beginning, clocking in a full two of your forty weeks before you’re even expecting– and also prior to your nauseous, and gassy, as well as bloated, and also puffy.

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