10 Minute Pregnancy Workout | #WorkoutwithJen

Hi lovely Mom-to-be!

Of all congratulations on your maternity, I hope you as well as your baby are pleased and also healthy and balanced.

This workout was designed typically for new and pregnant mothers. Workout programs have inherit threats, the degree of which depends on your specific health, condition as well as physical fitness. It is necessary that you seek advice from your health care expert or midwife to recognize just exactly how these exercises might impact you, your wellness and your child and to obtain approval from a doctor prior to involve in these exercises.

Olahraga ini dirancang secara umum untuk ibu hamil dan ibu baru. Namun program olahraga ini tetap memiliki risiko, yang besarnya tergantung pada kesehatan, kondisi, dan kebugaran kamu. Sangat penting untuk berkonsultasi dengan dokter atau bidan untuk memahami bagaimana olahraga ini dapat memengaruhi kamu, kesehatan kamu dan bayi kamu dan untuk mendapatkan izin dari dokter atau bidan sebelum melakukan olahraga ini.

Hope you enjoy my exercise and also hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Sending great deals of love.

Jennifer xoxo


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