# 26weekspregnant.

In this video I share my 26th week pregnancy update. I speak about signs as well as signs I am experiencing right now as well as show you my expanding expectant stubborn belly.

The main maternity signs and symptoms I am experiencing at 26 weeks pregnancy are that I am really feeling activity and also hick ups, in addition to feel very packed and also hard to rise and move. My pregnancy app informs me that I might additionally experience insomnia, leg cramps, bathroom runs. Fortunately I don’t have any of those besides maybe restroom runs.
It is likewise difficult to lift up anything for me. I am out of breath a whole lot, as well as if I am on my feet too much really feel tension and also aches in my muscular tissues.

The infant is the size of an acorn squash, is around 2 lbs in weight as well as 14 inches long.
The eyes begin to open, baby has the ability to see, brain wave task kicks in – the infant can not just listen to the audios not additionally to reply to them. The fingernails are established.

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