26 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening in 26th Week of Pregnancy?

Your child will certainly open up the eyes first time during the 26th week of pregnancy. To discover even more about 26 weeks expectant.

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From conception to birth, take an unique view fetal development during the 9 months of maternity. Discover just how your infant grows as well as what occurs to your body throughout the entire maternity week.

Video Transcription:

Congratulations on an additional week of being pregnant!

– You are now entering your 6 and also a half month mark
– Your baby’s height is 14 inches and considers a little over 1 as well as 2/3 pound
– Until now the baby’s eyes were under wraps, quietly creating beneath fused eyelids
– But currently the eyes are totally developed and also for the initial time ever, they are opening so the child can see what the globe appears like although there is not much to see right currently
– The irises are still pretty light and also pigmentation is available in over the next couple of months
– The shade of your infant’s eyes may not be clear until he’s at the very least six months old
– The nerves around your youngsters mouth and lips are obtaining a lot much more sensitive currently
– Already the child will try to mouth whatever comes near those lips including the umbilical cable
– Your infant comes to be a lot more responsive to sound as the nerve pathways are becoming an increasing number of created
– Your kid can now conveniently make a hand, suck his thumb, grip his hands with each other, and also have fun with his/her toes
– Pregnant moms may experience legs cramping, heartburn and also acid indigestion
– The potassium will certainly assist with muscular tissue cramping, which may be especially valuable at nighttime

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