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How huge is your child at week 27 of pregnant? WhatToExpect.com’s Heidi Murkoff discusses what’s taking place during this factor of pregnancy.

Your infant is the size of an eggplant by the end of the second trimester, measuring virtually 14 inches long. Your baby may acknowledge you and also your companion’s voices now, so this might be a great time to read or sing to your infant. If your companion presses his ear approximately your stubborn belly, he may be able to hear child’s heart beat. Taste have actually created (your baby can taste zesty food through the amniotic fluid), and some children respond to that tasty kick by hiccupping.

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Heidi Murkoff: This week marks completion of the 2nd trimester– which indicates you’re two-thirds of the means there, mom! But you’re not the just one that’s come a long means. Your infant has, as well. Currently tipping the scales at over 2 pounds, your remarkable work-in-progress has actually increased in weight in the past month. Better her than you, right

What’s new in the height department? In fact, a lot, including just how that height is calculated. Those crown-to-rump measurements are currently officially being sold for the easier-to-picture head-to-heel measurement. So how tall is your ever-bigger baby bun at the dawning of the third trimester? A complete 15 inches– even more than a foot long!

What’s on child’s menu these days? Great deals and great deals of amniotic liquid, which your little gastronomist consumes in large quantities. Around a pint of amniotic liquid goes through baby’s gastrointestinal system each day into her currently completely functioning kidneys and also back out right into the amniotic fluid as pee. And also this ingestion-excretion cycle happens every 3 hours.

The amniotic fluid additionally acts as a two-way radio, many thanks to the conductivity of fluid. You currently know that your little audience can hear your voices, but it goes the various other means, too. If your companion patiently presses his ear to your stomach, he might have the ability to hear that a lot of precious noise of all– the thumpety-thump of your child’s heartbeat.

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