30-Minute Cardio Barre Workout | NO EQUIPMENT Workout | Postpartum + Pregnancy Workout

Tone, shape and sweat with this 30-Minute NO EQUIPMENT Exercise: Cardio Barre AT HOME!

Physical fitness Instructor Lindsey will direct you via a full body, barre exercise you can do in the house, making use of simply your bodyweight! Adjustments are used for all health and fitness degrees.

Barre is just one of my favored workout layouts for targeting the legs, shoulders and core! By deliberately putting your tailbone as well as utilizing your breath to target your deep, supporting core muscular tissues– it’s so much a lot more effective than grinds!

This exercise is terrific for all seasons of life, consisting of maternity and also postpartum workouts.

The small, pulsing activities of barre fire up every muscular tissue group. Incorporated with bigger, vibrant multi-muscle activities, you’ll get a reliable sculpting + cardio exercise in your home– no devices needed!

1. Barre Warm Up
2. Plank Series
3. Equilibrium Leg Lifts + Lunges
4. Chair + Triceps
5. Repeat 2-4 on opposite side of the body
6. Second Position
7. Mat Core + Abs
8. Awesome Down

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