30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Video (Second Trimester + Third Trimester)

A difficult, reduced impact pregnancy exercise made especially to assist moms keep toughness throughout pregnancy, particularly during the second and also 3rd trimesters.

Low influence, stamina training is excellent for all periods of life. So whether your pregnant, postpartum, a health and fitness beginner or cross-training runner, give this 30 minute strength training workout a try!

All you have to do is press play as well as adhere to along as I assist you through 40 2nd, 30 second and also 20 2nd timed periods for a full body pinhead exercise.

THE WORKOUT: 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Video

DEVICES: A bench or chair and a set of tool pinheads. I recommend 5-to-15 lb pinheads relying on your health and fitness level.

I’m personally using 10 lb dumbbells for this workout video clip as well as dropped weights completely a couple of times. You can also have 2 sets of dumbbells offered to make sure that you can fall in weight as you tiredness. You can constantly use just your body weight.

GUIDELINES: This low impact toughness exercise contains 4 circuits. Each circuit has 3 workouts that will certainly be carried out in 40/30/20 2nd intervals. You’ll duplicate each circuit x 2 collections to shut it out prior to relocating onto the next circuit.

Disclaimer: Please ensure you’ve consulted your medical professional or midwife and have been cleared for exercise while pregnant. This exercise is for women that were exercising before maternity as well as have preserved an energetic health and fitness regimen throughout maternity.

Strength Training: 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Video

40 seconds: Squat Curl + Squat + Press
30 seconds: Clean + Press
20 secs: Squat Hold Pulse
Repeat X 2 Sets

40 secs: Sumo Squat + Deadlift Roll
30 seconds: 2 Pulse Sumo Squat + 1/2 Bicep Curl
20 secs: Meisser Lateral Squats
Repeat X 2 Sets

40 seconds: 3 Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions + 1 Chair Squat
30 secs: Staggered Stance Reverse Grip Row
20 secs: Chair or Bench Step Ups
Repeat X 2 Sets

40 secs: Modified Incline Push Ups
30 seconds: Kneeling or Seated Single Arm Curl + Press
20 seconds: High Knee March or Chair Taps
Repeat X 2 Sets

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