5 Minute Maternity Workout – Second trimester, no equipment needed!

Sumo Squats (:30).
Regular Squats (:30).
Rotating reverse lunges (:45)– Tip: Keep front knee behind toe.
Fining Sand Side Crunches (right) (:30).
Standing Side Crunches (left) (:30).
Donkey kicks (on knees as well as hands) (right) (:30).
Donkey pulse (:15).
Donkey kicks (left) (:30).
Donkey pulse (:15).
Push-ups on knees (:45).

I’m a hectic, permanent working mama anticipating my 2nd. I made this quick workout to include in your everyday walk or to do alone when you really feel like there’s way too much taking place to suit a workout. Every person has five added mins.

Remember, if your heart rate gets expensive or you’re having a bumpy ride with a step, change to make it much easier. You can constantly push PAUSE, proceed and get some water.

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