A Global Conversation on the Impact of Covid-19 on Girls’ Lives

This is an online recording of the Lady Rising Webinar: An International Discussion on the Effect of Covid-19 on Girls’ Lives including Christina Lowery, Judithe Registre, Majo Aldana, Nidhi Dubey, and also Debbie Odenyi.

As the globe progressively resumes institutions, it is important to comprehend the facts of ladies, their experiences, as well as difficulties to guarantee all ladies everywhere are sustained in returning to college. In this webinar, members of our Youth Task Force reverse with as well as ask inquiries of our country agents from India, Guatemala and Kenya in order to help us all comprehend the woman measurement to the college closures taking place all over the world. The discussion explores what is the truth for women, what have regional actions been, what is missing in those feedbacks and also what is Girl Rising specifically doing to resolve these concerns.

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