Amazing Barbie Pregnant and Hairstyle ~ DIY Barbie Hacks.

In this video clip tutorial, I demonstrate how I transform Barbie’s hair This tutorial is really simple to follow as well as I mostly make use of points you can find in the house. for the stubborn belly, air dried clay.

In this video you will discover just how to make crafts for Barbie in 5 min.

After seeing this video you will certainly discover how to do.

00:16 – How to transform Barbie’s old hair
1:20 – How to make wicks in Barbie’s hair.
1:54 – How to make an expecting tummy for Barbie/ expectant barbie
3:22 – How to make expectant outfit with sock for Barbie


– Mini 0.5-2.5 mm Micro hands-on drill with keyless fixing devices for clock as well as rounded head clock:

Try to do it on your own with the products you contend house.

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