Ask a Midwife: Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

0:33 – Cervical mucous
01:51 – A show
03:02 – Piles
03:53 – Swollen feet
05:20 – Water retention
06:03 – Digestive issues
07:15 – Heartburn
08:10 – Feeling emotional

Among one of the most typical inquiries in pregnancy is … ‘Is that regular?’

Midwife Claire chats to Becky and Hayley – responding to all the questions you were also scared to ask.

Fair warning, it gets pretty visuals!

Large thanks to Clare (mumsy midwife), Hayley (Land of Lawson) as well as Becky (Vegan Mama).

P.S – Should be obvious – however please make certain you see your medical professional or midwife if you’re feeling unhealthy.

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