Baby Ultrasound – 40 Weeks – DUE DATE

PLEASE NOTE: Evan Matthews, PhD does not diagnose pathology as well as is not a physician. Dr. Matthews is a cardio physiologist and also scientist.

This is a video clip taken by Evan Matthews, PhD displaying a 40 week fetus via ultrasound. This ultrasound was done on the estimated due date.

Baby Ultrasound – 6 Weeks 2 Days

Child Ultrasound – 11 Weeks

Infant Ultrasound – 15 Weeks

Baby Ultrasound – 19 Weeks

Child Ultrasound – 23 Weeks

Infant Ultrasound – 27 Weeks 5 Days

Child Ultrasound – 32 Weeks 4 Days

Infant Ultrasound – 36 Weeks 6 Days

Baby Ultrasound – 40 Weeks – DUE DATE

Month-to-month Baby Ultrasound

Web Link to Dr. Evan Matthews site.

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