Bobby Jones CSF: Ask the Expert with Dr. Petra Klinge & Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield

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Tethered cord syndrome entails a really vast spectrum of indicators as well as symptoms that may often appear to be other conditions such as Chiari malformation or syringomyelia. Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield as well as Dr. Petra Klinge held an excellent Q&A session all about tethered cable.

Drs. Klinge as well as Greenfield are able to review more in-detail concerning even more granular problems since this Q&A is much more focused on the single topic of tethered cable syndrome. Questions are inquired about issues as various as what is the actual procedure of connected cord surgical treatment, to whether signs and symptoms can be influenced by maternity or adolescence.

This discussion was offered on Thursday, June 25, 2020 and also existed totally online. (2020 )

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