Breathing Exercise For Pregnancy

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Deep breathing workouts aids to enhance the capability of the lungs and hence avoid shortness of breath.

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Deep Breathing:

– Deep breathing exercises are safe as well as can be done anytime
during the maternity unless or else recommended by the physician
– During maternity as uterus expands in dimension, lung capability
minimizes bring about breathlessness

Exercise Technique # 1:

1. Sit in a comfortable setting with your back set up.
2. Now, put one hand on your chest and the other on your
abdomen. This is to ensure that are doing the exercise
3. Now, inhale slowly. Imagine your body as a balloon
which is being full of air.
4. Allow your lungs load, allow your rig cage increase and also allow your
abdominal area lump and also expand right as much as the pelvis.
5. Bear in mind, you do not have to hold your breath.
6. Currently, breathe out slowly. Feel your abdomen relaxing, your rib
cage relaxing, and also your lungs slowly clearing out.
7. Repeat this breathing pattern 24 to 32 times on a daily basis.

– You may separate this in smaller collections of 4-6 each, done 6-8
times a day.

Exercise Technique # 2:

– You can also do this exercise with a minor variant.

1. In this version, the difference is, that as soon as you have breathed in,
you need to breathe out from your mouth, & not from your nose as
we revealed previously.

– This workout will certainly prepare you to make use of both your nose & mouth
for breathing, which will prove advantageous in the labor stage.

– As you start to get comfortable, you can start timing on your own.
Ideally, you need to be able to do 5 complete breaths in one

Caution Signs:

– Pain in the groin, vaginal canal, or hips
– Abdominal discomfort
– Shortness of breath
– Leakage or blood loss from the vagina
– Dizziness
– Exceptional fetal task

– Do deep breathing in fresh air every morning
– Avoid air conditioned atmospheres

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