Gravidity and Parity Examples Maternity Nursing NCLEX Review (Gravida & Para)

Gravidity as well as parity maternity nursing NCLEX testimonial for trainees!

Gravidity (gravida) as well as parity (para) is a two-digit system made use of to aid analyze a female’s OB wellness background. For examinations, make certain you’re familiar with the definition of each as well as their private terms in addition to how to determine the gravida as well as para.

Gravidity is the number of times a lady has actually been expecting. Parity is the number of times a lady has actually completed a maternity or birthed a child at 20 weeks gestation or higher.

Terms to Know:
Nullipara: a woman has actually never ever completed a maternity at 20 weeks or better.
Nulligravida: a lady has actually never been expecting
Primipara: a female has actually only once finished a pregnancy at 20 weeks or greater.
Primigravida: a woman has been or is currently expectant for the very first time.
Multipara: a lady has actually finished two or even more pregnancies at 20 weeks or greater.
Multigravida: a lady has actually been expecting 2 or more times.

Please watch the video for gravidity as well as para instances.

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