How to Calculate Your Pregnancy by Weeks, Months & Trimesters|Weeks into Months|Due Date Calculator

It’s very simple to compute your maternity Due Date. Maternity due date can be approximated with the assistance of this Calculator.

Last menstruation duration day and duration size are typically utilized for confirming pregnancy due date and also pregnancy weeks to determine. Do not neglect to provide this video an unique LIKE, SHARE & SHARE it with your buddies !!

Pregnancy week maternity month chart to graph the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.

First Trimester Weeks (1st Trimester).
01-04 weeks: First month of pregnancy (1 month).
05-08 weeks: Second month of maternity (2 months).
09-13 weeks: Third month of pregnancy (3 months).

Second Trimester Weeks (2nd Trimester).
14-17 weeks: Fourth month of pregnancy (4 months).
18-21 weeks: Fifth month of pregnancy (5 months).
22-26 weeks: Sixth month of maternity (6 months).

Third Trimester Weeks (3rd Trimester).
27-30 weeks: Seventh month of maternity (7 months).
31-35 weeks: Eighth month of maternity (8 months).
36-40 weeks: Ninth month of maternity (9 months).

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DISCLAIMER: This channel is created to share my personal experiences. As each maternity is various recommendations on this network might not function for you. Please consult your physician prior to taking any drug before attempting.

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