Inger Houghton | Pregnancy Workout w/ Empty Barbell

INGER HOUGHTON – “Giving guidance on maternity and also training is difficult as every female, and even every maternity, is different. The outright best recommendations is to listen to your body and don’t do anything that really feels risky or painful, yet additionally recognize that maintaining energetic is helpful for both mother and child.

If you desire to offer this workout a go, make sure you are comfortable with all the motions, as well as choose a lots that enables you to maintain intensity at a modest level. -Inger (@ingerindubai).

” Sweet Child O’ Mine (Tabata)”.
” Forever Yours (Tabata)”.

Inger’s Empty Barbell Tabata (while expecting) Workout:.
– Thrusters.
– Bent Over Row.
– Reverse Lunge.
– Push Press.
– Back Squat.
– Yates Row.
– Good Morning.
– Romanian Deadlift.

Tabata Songs develops music especially for the Tabata Workout Protocol: 8 Rounds, 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF for a total amount of 4 minutes.


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