Is it difficult to get Pregnant after Miscarriage? – Dr. Pooja Bansal

Most importantly point is when you have got maternity, you can get pregnant once again, there is no the inability to conceive. So when you had a losing the unborn baby, the first essential thing is to rule out the reason for miscarriage. If you eliminate the reason for losing the unborn baby, by means of the investigation, we do the blood examination or standard hormonal agent profile, your thyroid, sugar, your prolactin levels and also do something called as hysterosalpingography where we see the within lining and also the form of the uterus. We do the standard ultrasound to know the fibroids or the polyps. Or we do the APLA examinations. These are the standard tests that we do to figure out why dint this occur. If the basic modification of all this is done, we starts you on folic acid, multivitamin, if you have a hormone imbalance in your hormones, we correct your thyroid, correct your PCOS. Certainly you can obtain expectant following time if we are able to do all that stuff.

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