Is pregnancy possible with delayed periods with negative pregnancy tests? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Pee pregnancy is typically precise upto the point of 99.5%. So a 3 outcomes of pee maternity coming adverse is practically sure that she is not expecting. As well as a 15 day delayed period would not be due to the fact that of a maternity, it can be many various other factors as well as it has to be learnt. Why would a false record come? Due to the fact that you have actually done an urine pregnancy early, it comes. So you have to wait on a missed out on duration to do an urine maternity examination. Second point is, if it is dark yellow coloured urine, right here it claims it is not a weaken urine, it is a concentrated pee, and also done at odd hours. So if you have done 3 early m morning samples and also all 3 are adverse, unlikely to be a pregnancy test, Rule out various other reasons for postponed durations and also deal with appropriately. Finest is to do a blood examination of beta HCG if you have a little question. If that is negative, it is 100% unfavorable

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