Making Rounds: Medical Education Documentary Film

Leading cardiologists Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Director of Mount Sinai Heart and also Herschel Sklaroff, MD, Medical Professor of Medication, Cardiology at Mount Sinai Heart were filmed for one-month for the “Making Rounds” documentary as they cared for critically-ill heart individuals in the Heart Treatment Unit at The Mount Sinai Healthcare Facility.

See Mount Sinai Heart doctors, fellows, homeowners, as well as registered nurses at work and also saving lives showing exactly how simply paying attention to patients at the bedside stays medicine’s most important tool over any type of modern technology.

In this movie Mount Sinai Heart aids preserve the vanishing art and also scientific research of how to analyze as well as diagnose patients at the bedside for future generations of physicians.

** This film was made feasible by the generous support
of the McInerney Family. **.

Copyright 2015 Middlemarch Films, Inc

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