Medical Animation: Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation & Transplantation | Cincinnati Children’s
medical computer animation: Ovarian Cells Cryopreservation & Transplant

Cincinnati Children’s Comprehensive Fertility Care & Preservation gives fertility counseling as well as preservation alternatives to clients in jeopardy for the inability to conceive as a result of medical therapies consisting of surgical procedure, radiation, and chemotherapy with a diverse interdisciplinary group of providers.

Ovarian tissue cryopreservation (OTC) is an experimental procedure for preserving fertility usually used in pre-pubertal girls, since this is the only choice before puberty, and in teen as well as young grown-up females who are unable to access criterion of care procedures such as egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation). OTC includes a minimally invasive surgical procedure called laparoscopy to get rid of an ovary or a part of an ovary for processing the surface cells (having the eggs) into small strips for freezing. The cells is kept at a lasting storage facility up until the individual’s care team identifies the cells is required to help conceive a maternity. Back then, ovarian cells transplant (OTT) is may be carried out in choose individuals to bring back ovarian function as well as provide eggs for conception. After warming the ovarian tissue strips, a laparoscopic surgery is performed. The cells strips are positioned right into the lining of the hips (or abdominal muscle) in a little pocket near the place of the ovary or sutured onto the staying ovary. After OTT, return of ovarian function is kept an eye on through blood work and pelvic ultrasound. If needed, as soon as ovarian function is validated the person can continue trying pregnancy normally or with fertility treatments.

Credit Scores: Cincinnati Children’s Media Lab (@CincyChildren’s).
Computer Animation: Jeff Cimprich, Matt Nelson, as well as Cat Musgrove.
Media Lab Direction: Ken Tegtmeyer MD and Ryan Moore MD
. Content Experts: Stephanie Cizek MD and also Lesley Breech MD,.
Voice Over: Olivia Frias MSN, RN3III, CNL.

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