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Hi there! My name is Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural, and I’m right here with my 1 month old daughter Faith.

I’m so satisfied, I’ve got my little wonder infant here. Allow me inform you, the journey to this pregnancy had not been precisely very easy. It came after losses, discouragement, and troubles …

But eventually, here we are!

In this video I’ll share the whole tale of how I got below, in the hopes that my story will offer others – perhaps YOU – motivation and also hope.

My tummy appeared so huge I was thinking TWINS. They run in my family as well as I am an older mom.

We mosted likely to Chicago for a midwife seminar and also I made a consultation with the same midwives that supplied my various other children. I required to get a peek at my womb to see if there were 2 sacks in there.

So I had an extremely quick ultrasound where the sonographer confirmed that there was simply one baby in there.

And after that, to my discouragement, she claimed something that I’ll always remember. “I’m so sorry, child has no heartbeat”

Transforms out I had something called a missed losing the unborn baby. It’s when the body still believes it’s expecting, even though the infant has actually passed away. That went on for 3 weeks.

I experienced labor. I had tightenings, pain in the back, it was something else. As well as that humbled me. Squashed me. Made me re-evaluate everything.

At the dawn of a new year, I completely gave up the scenario to God. I laid it down. I let it go.

God you’re gon na have to make it take place.

We were relocating to a brand-new rental right after Christmas so really felt like a new beginning.

We celebrated the new year in our brand-new house, simply Michael and me and the kids. We danced, ate lobster, and toasted to a far better year ahead. My partner and I had some enjoyable on new year’s day, if you recognize what I mean, under the amazing radiance of a significant complete moon.

Two weeks later on, peed on a maternity examination and got two pink lines.

I almost giggled when I saw the favorable maternity examination. Below we go once more. The last time I ‘d hemorrhaged had actually been with the losing the unborn baby, so I hadn’t also had a routine cycle yet.

I used this maternity freely. I didn’t get as well affixed. Someday at a time.

What I did know for certain was that this was the last time.

Slowly the weeks passed. I got passed the dreaded 6 week mark, when most of my losing the unborn babies happened.

I waited to see if my HCG numbers would certainly double. They did, yet not impressively so. God was teasing me …

Then I passed the 9 week mark, when I shed the child in Chicago …

At 14 weeks, I mosted likely to the midwife for the initial time. Was I truly expectant? Was this a missed miscarriage and also I really did not also know it? The doppler would certainly inform us the solution.

( insert footage).

Wow, was that a cheerful noise!

Still, I wore it loosely. Surrendering it to God.

Then I struck 16 weeks … 20 weeks.

Time for the mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

I was anxious. Scared.

Amazingly, whatever looked excellent.

I introduced the maternity. It felt frightening, however it was time.

The rest of the maternity cruised on by. I did all the tests for gestational diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, Group Strep B. All good.

I went right as much as my due day and past. Happy and pregnant as well as also completely OVER being expecting. It still really felt somewhat unreal.

Don’t get me wrong, it had not been easy. I felt extended a lot more than my other two.

Two years in the production, 2 years when numerous other things in my life were placed on hold as I sought this assurance. To shut the chapter on our TTC-ing days.

I couldn’t genuinely believe it till my Faith became sight.

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