Naegele’s Rule Example with Practice Questions for Maternity Nursing NCLEX Review (Nagele’s Rule)

Naegele’s policy instance with technique concerns for maternity nursing NCLEX review. This maternal lecture will certainly aid you find out how to determine an approximated delivery date (EDD) using Nagele’s Rule. Naegele’s regulation works best for ladies that have a 28 day cycle as well as is based on the normal 280 day pregnancy (40 weeks) period. The date determined with Naegele’s Rule is simply a price quote for expected distribution day. When resolving for an EDD with Nagele’s Rule it is essential to bear in mind the months that have 30 (thirty) days vs. 31 (thirty-one) days, and naturally, February has 28 days. Always provide February 28 days (despite jump year) to prevent confusion. The months with 30 days are September, April, June, and also November while the other months are 31 days. Do not forget to take the practice quizzes that will certainly check you on Nagele’s Rule.

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