OB-GYN ANSWERS: COVID & Pregnancy Questions | Vaccine, Travel, Blood Clots, 1st/2nd/3rd Trimester

COVID & Pregnancy: OB-GYN answers your questions about coronavirus, its effects in pregnancy, and how to navigate choices during this time.

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In this video, we’re discussing FAQ’s about COVID including…
**”Dr. Perez, you have information about COVID & maternal health, but how does a COVID infection impact the fetus?”
**”I had COVID during the 1st trimester, what does that mean and how will that affect the rest of the pregnancy for me and the baby?”
**”I’ve seen information about COVID & blood clots. Some doctors think pregnant people should be on blood thinners in pregnancy, what do you think?”
**”Dr. Perez, I work as a __(high exposure field)__, what do I do about work?”
**”When will pregnant people be able to get the COVID vaccine?”
**”Can I travel?” “Can I have a baby shower?” “Can I attend this wedding?” “Can this family member come visit when the baby comes?”

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LABOR & DELIVERY during COVID: https://youtu.be/OMlnihYi0W0

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**Video is for educational purposes only and should not be used as personal medical advice. Please discuss anything related to your own health, diagnosis, and treatment with your own medical provider as information in this video may not pertain to your individual and specific situation. **

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