PREGNANCY CORE WORKOUT | Transverse Abdominal Breathing + Pregnancy Safe Ab Exercises

This is an ab workout for women in ALL seasons of life — including pregnancy! I’m sharing my personal pregnancy core workout, which includes transverse abdominal breathing and pelvic floor exercises to keep your core strong through (and after!) pregnancy.

If you want to target your deep core muscles during ab workouts, this breathing strategy is for you!

In this video I explain:

1. Pregnancy Safe Ab Exercises / Prenatal Ab Exercises 
2. Ab Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy
3. Transverse Abdominal Breathing and How to Strengthen Your Transverse Abdominals 
5. Ab Exercises You Can Do While Sitting At Your Desk 
6. Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women and How to Connect Your Pelvic Floor to Your Transverse Abdominals 
7. What is Diastatic Recti and What Ab Exercises Are Safe for Diastatic Recti 

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