Pregnancy Workout | Inner Thigh Muscle

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Leg Raises Inner Thigh

– Inner thigh muscles help sustain the growing weight of the
body while pregnant
– They also assist throughout the labor stage

Exercise Technique # 1:

1. Relax on your side on a non-slip floor covering.
2. Fold the upper leg forward such that there is no barrier to the lower leg.
3. Raise the reduced leg six inches off the floor as well as return to the
beginning setting.
4. While you are lifting your leg, make sure you use your inner
thigh muscles and not your abdominal area muscular tissues.
5. Repeat it 8 times and afterwards duplicate it with the other leg.
6. As you gain stamina, you can also include weight bands to your

Exercise Technique # 2:

1. Base on a non-slip floor covering, near to a wall, for support.
2. Make sure that you maintain your knees soft
3. Lift one leg and swing it towards the various other leg. Cross
the leg as much as you can.
4. Return to the beginning position. Nonetheless, avoid resting
your foot on the ground.
5. Repeat it 8 times and afterwards repeat it with the various other leg.


– Pain in the groin, pelvis, or vagina
– Abdominal discomfort
– Shortness of breath
– Leakage or blood loss from the vaginal canal
– Dizziness
– Exceptional fetal task


– Avoid exercising on an empty tummy

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