Taking Too Many Pregnancy Tests | Finding Out I’m Pregnancy with #2

Live response to the outcome of pregnancy examinations from 7 days previous ovulation to 10 days past ovulation (I assume. Listen. My thermostat damaged like a day or more after I assumed I ovulated, so I couldn’t temp to verify).

If you’re here since you’re TTC – I see you. I hope you get the favorable examination you’re really hoping for quickly.

This is why I have actually been MIA. I’ve been sick as a dog and also having a tough time doing anything besides making sure that my toddler and I make it through.

Music: I Got You, by Birgersson Lundberg, from Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/vh3i7STni9/

I’m Annika, a 24 years of age Norwegian living in the United States with my other half and kid. I finished regulation college in the United States 2020, my master’s level in England in 2017, my undergraduate’s degree in the US in 2016, and the IB in Norway in 2014.

I concentrate on making study related videos to aid you examine smarter, not harder, at every stage of your academic trip. I am coming back into submitting videos weekly, so see to it you subscribe so you never lose out on some wonderful research ideas!

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