The Akha tribe in Laos: Between tradition and modernity | DW Documentary

The Akha in Laos live virtually untouched by modern-day world. They still abide by their antiquated customizeds. They are on the edge of upheaval.

Its citizens are from the Akha people, and also they seem to live in a various time: Their language isn’t even composed down; their daily life is specified by the routines and regulations handed down from their ancestors such as animal sacrifices to ward off poor good luck. Since the Akha are mostly self-sufficient, their tasks vary from farming to housework as well as making typical apparel. Like numerous hill people in Laos, the Akha are facing a difficult option: between a move down into the valley, which would certainly indicate they would certainly have power, running water and also much better clinical treatment – however likewise abandoning their old routines.


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