Tiny Demands For Justice – Funny Moment Stop Motion Animation Cartoons

Tiny Demands For Justice – Funny Moment Stop Motion Animation Cartoons
Once social justice has been accomplished, there is absolutely nothing more to speak about.
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0:00 Clay Mixer
0:08 Make America Great Again
2:09 Country House Hotel
4:50 The Witching Hour
7:08 Head for Heights

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About Clay Mixer:
Tiny, the personality that was called due to his significantly tiny figure. With the aid from them, Tiny will obtain through day-to-day silly moments.
All episodes are made under using freeze frame animation technique and had by SCONNECT CO., LTD., audiojungle.net and licenced under Creative Commons Attribution.
Please don’t stress concerning the joke that our little personalities do with each various other. The network aims for high ages of audiences from 15 over with slightly sarcastic black funny. There is no physical or actual damage was caused in the video. We wish you would like the videos and also get made use of to all those tough prank of these characters.
Every one of our materials offer for entertainment functions only and also we don’t suggest to comply with or copy any type of activity in our contents.
Musician: https://artlist.io/
Concerning us:
[https://woanetwork.com/] Go to WOA Network web site!
[https://s-connect.net/] Take an excursion in SCONNECT CO., LTD.!
For routed messages and also contact, please comply with these links:
Gmail: info@woanetwork.com
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2IlnHR4
Manufacturer – Tung Nguyen
Supervisor – Thuy Cao
Scriptwriter – Quynh Ha
Storyboard – Minh Cao
Prop & Character Design – Phuong Hoang, Hang Do, Diep Ha as well as Vinh Tuong
Animator – Phong Le, Nhung Ho, Dung Pham as well as San Le
Compositor – Anh Pham and Hoang Nguyen
System Developer – Bach Cao

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