Tiny Is Double-Cheated – Romantic Stop Motion Animation Cartoons

Tiny Is Double-Cheated – Romantic Stop Motion Animation Cartoons
Cheating in a partnership brings torment to any person included. However Tiny act in different ways because scenario.
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0:00 Clay Mixer
0:08 Double-Cheated
2:02 The Talented Artist
4:47 The Perfect Pose for Model
7:21 Flake The Cake
8:56 Baywatch

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About Clay Mixer:
Tiny, the character who was called as a result of his dramatically little figure. His radical form was birthed from a real clay mixer. Even though having a bad and rusted personal background, he locates for himself the feeling of wit with the assistance from several various other clay good friends to get though day-to-day silly battle. With the aid from them, Tiny will get though day-to-day ridiculous moments. 6 days per week, Tiny shows up once more to inform the audience the tales.
All episodes are made under using freeze frame animation strategy and also possessed by SCONNECT CO., LTD., audiojungle.net and also licenced under Creative Commons Attribution.
Please don’t bother with the prank that our little personalities make with each other. The channel goes for high ages of customers from 15 above with somewhat ironical black funny. There is no real or physical injury was created in the video. We wish you would such as the video clips and obtain made use of to all those tough trick of these characters.
All of our materials offer for amusement purposes only as well as we do not suggest to adhere to or mimic any action in our contents.
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About us:
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Gmail: info@woanetwork.com
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Producer – Tung Nguyen
Supervisor – Thuy Cao
Scriptwriter – Quynh Ha
Prop & Character Design – Phuong Hoang, Hang Do as well as Diep Ha
Animator – Phong Le, Nhung Ho, Dung Pham and San Le
Compositor – Anh Pham
System Developer – Bach Cao

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