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Maternity Quiz – Ultimate Trivia Guide For Expecting Mothers

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Inquiry 1

After the amount of weeks in gestation does a child make its first poo?
13 weeks
9 weeks
21 weeks
25 weeks

Solution: 21 Weeks

Inquiry 2

How much time does it consider a baby’s fingerprints to be established throughout maternity?

4 months
7 months
3 months
6 months

Response: 3 months

Inquiry 3

When can a doctor tell you the sex of your child with an ultrasound?

15 to 18 weeks
6 to 8 weeks
16 to 22 weeks
10 to 12 weeks

Response: 16 to 22 weeks

Concern 4

What is the hair that is established all over a baby’s body in utero called?


Response: Lanugo

Concern 5

What is the swelling of the hands and also feet while pregnant called?
Postpartum clinical depression

Response: Edema

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