Varicose Veins — More Than a Cosmetic Issue with Anil Kumar, MD

Varicose capillaries are much more than an aesthetic concern, according to Anil Kumar, MD, ABVLM, RPVI, RPhS, FACC, FSVM, Medical Supervisor of The Vein Center at YRMC in Prescott Valley.

” They’re a possibly unsafe health problem that individuals typically neglect,” Dr. Kumar stated. “Without therapy, symptoms might advance and severely influence your lifestyle. It’s our objective to enlighten and also treat people regarding all aspects of blood vessel health at the Vein Center.”

Dr. Kumar shares useful information on capillary health throughout Varicose Veins– More Than a Cosmetic Issue. An established vein expert as well as vascular medication physician– Dr. Kumar discusses:

Techniques to avoid varicose veins as well as other blood vessel disorders.
Signs of vein disease that are typically misconstrued, or worse, misdiagnosed.
Elements that raise your risk for vein condition (some you can control as well as others you can not).
The latest treatments for blood vessel illness, from compression stockings to advanced treatments.

Dr. Kumar even shares this “tip sheet” for healthy and balanced legs and excellent circulation.

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