Venous Ulcer

An injury/ ulcer on the leg around the ankle joint brought on by varicose veins.
Venous abscess are because of uncommon blood vessel feature because of inexperienced shutoff. People may inherit a propensity for irregular veins. Usual sources of varicose blood vessel include long standing working hrs, maternity, injury, ageing, absence of workout and also excessive weight.
Signs and symptoms consist of swelling, hurting as well as tiredness in the legs. Normally a red, aggravated skin breakout creates right into an open wound/ abscess.
Therapy consists of leg altitude, injury and compression treatment. the newest treatment are radio-frequency ablation and also microwave ablation is needed
After therapy these abscess heal faster may remain in a week or few week depends upon dimension of venous abscess

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Dr.Pradeep Muley
Expert Interventional Radiologist
New Delhi, India

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