Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy hormonal agents influence everything from your feeling of scent to your foot size. Below are a few of the pregnancy signs and symptoms you may not be expecting.

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The miracle of maternity has some seriously strange signs and symptoms …

9 Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Bigger feet. Feet can grow up to a full footwear dimension as tendons stretch, as well as could remain by doing this after baby is born.

2. Blue commode seat. Some expectant females state their toilet seats actually transform purple or blue in time! There’s no official description for this … yet if your seat obtains vibrant, you’re not the only one.

3. Pregnancy brain. Mind cell volume can lower, triggering women to suddenly feel forgetful.

4. Shampoo-commercial hair. Hormones protect against hair from befalling, creating a fuller, thicker head of hair.

5. Clutziness. Water retention and also loosened joints make many ladies really feel clumsier than normal.

6. Sensitive nose. A boost of estrogen can heighten your sense of odor. Scientists assume this can trigger morning illness in some ladies.

7. Steel mouth. Thanks to elevated estrogen levels, some women wind up with a metallic preference in their mouths.

8. Gassiness. The hormonal agents progesterone as well as relaxin relax the muscular tissues in the stomach tract during maternity. Brief variation: You’ll pass much more gas. (Sorry.).

9. Eye twitches. Possibly as a result of anxiety or exhaustion, some ladies report having twitchy eyes during maternity.

What’s the weirdest pregnancy symptom you’ve experienced?

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