What to expect in your Second Trimester of pregnancy | Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Over the coming weeks, your baby will certainly expand from about the dimension of a cookie to a slice of pizza. This week-by-week guide to your 2nd trimester will certainly take you with all the points, signs and symptoms as well as advancements you require to begin thinking concerning.

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Here are the time codes to reach the subjects that matter to you most today, based upon just how many weeks expectant you are:.
0:04 – 13 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal advancement– consisting of limb development, fetus peeing urine into amniotic liquid and also creating fingerprints, weight gain in second trimester, rhinitis of pregnancy, chilly medications, resting positions, body cushions).
3:02 – 14 weeks (Topics covered: Lanugo, bust changes in second trimester, round tendon pain, urinary system infection, yeast infections while pregnant, bleeding gums, problem sleeping, flu shot throughout maternity).
5:49 – 15 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal growth– unborn child making facial expressions and also fetal hearing, pregnancy glow, prenatal pregnancy depression, hereditary testing).
8:37 – 16 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development, feeling infant kick, back discomfort while pregnant, prenatal yoga).
10:49 – 17 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal growth– infant starting to include fat as well as starting to grow eyebrows and also eyelashes, consuming throughout maternity, scratchy skin, heartburn and also indigestion, placenta advancement, pregnancy headaches, preparing for life with the baby, baby initial help course).
12:53 – 18 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal growth– taste, your uterus is the dimension of a cantaloupe, dizziness, makeup scan).
14:55 – 19 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal advancement– vernix caseosa and also child’s movements, round tendon pain, low neck and back pain, lightheadedness, problems resting, chloasma, producing a will, producing a birth computer system registry).
17:46 – 20 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development– getting up as well as resting at normal intervals currently and also building muscle mass, genital discharge, yeast infections, colostrum, figuring out sex of your baby, weight gain).
19:46 – 21 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development– neurons, infant moving, absorbing as well as swallowing, and drinking amniotic liquid, eating for infant, stretch marks, prenatal classes).
21:55 – 22 weeks (Topics covered: Pregnancy edema, swollen feet, preeclampsia, spike in sex drive, selecting birth choices, pain administration for labour).
24:54 – 23 weeks (Topics covered: Varicose veins, linea nigra, exercising with a noticeable stubborn belly).
27:41 – 24 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development– hearing, achy legs, hydration, repetitive strain injury, gestational diabetic issues, preeclampsia, glucose testing test, preparing for birth).
30:24 – 25 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal growth– unborn child practise “breaths,” heartburn, hemorrhoids, varicose blood vessels, constipation, pregnancy weight gain, infant names).
33:06 – 26 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal growth– eyes as well as sleep/wake patterns, frustrations, drug-free discomfort alleviation, moved center of gravity, loosened up joints, registering at the health center, maternity ward trips, forgetfulness).
35:35 – 27 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal advancement– mind, difficulty resting, agitated leg syndrome, leg cramps, vivid desires, nightmares, maternal leave spending plan, prenatal classes, child missteps, getting baby’s space prepared).

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