Workout During Pregnancy first Trimester | Yoga During Pregnancy at Home | Dr Supriya Puranik

First session
All pregnant lady can start the initial session in early maternity( very first trimester) and also continue till the distribution.
With the aid of this session
1. breathing ability will raise.
Decreases the Occurrence of PIH( high BP), Thyroid, GDM( high sugar. Decrease stress, breathlessness, & anxiety. Enhances baby brain development.
5. Lower if there is any type of pain like in ankle joint, heel, wrist, hand, upper body, shoulder, neck and also upper back.
6. Boosts the adaptability of reduced extremity.
7. Reinforce the pelvic floor muscles.
Note: – exercises need to be done early in the early morning. Should be very first done under physiotherapist support only. To learn more Contact Dr. Pooja Jain. Email Id:

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